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Team ARU: Bumps Riverbank Carnage

Bumping happened up and down the River Cam on Saturday as the colleges of Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University fought to become Head of the River, by attempting to over-take or “bump” the boats in front of them.

There was chaos in the Men’s 2nd division, as a huge crash occurred on Grassy Corner. The 1st Year Downing boat Cox, Pranay Bose, said: “The Selwyn boat crashed into the bank which left a hole in our own boat and demolished one of our blades, just unbelievable.”

The ladies from the Jesus-W1 boat maintained their title – but there were unprecedented results in the Men’s 1st Division. The Lady Margaret-M1 boat were crowned Head of the River as they gained Blades from moving up from 4th to 1st.

Colleges that were bumped down the divisions, were given Spoon Awards and colleges that bumped up every race were given Blade Awards. They were given to Clare-M1 and W1, Downing-W2, Jesus-W1, Lady Margaret-M1, Newham-W2, Robinson-M2, St Catherine-W2, Trinity Hall-M2 and Wolfson-W1. ARU missed this award after a crash on Day 1 – but rumoured they will be the ones to watch in the following months.

All five days were filled with foliage crowns and muddy towpaths. The May Bumps will occur in June, post-examinations. Rory Bradshaw, 22, who is an Engineering student for the Newnham-M3 boat said: “Few experiences compare to the exhilaration of getting the bump whilst being bumped. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it.” It is expected that over a thousand will attend the summer races.


By Elle Haywood

Editor of the Ruskin Journal 2017-2018

1 March 2017

Image Credit: Angus Parker from Cam FM 97.2

ARU Mens & Womens Teams from Lent Bumps 2017 down on the River Cam

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