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Hockney Makes a Bigger Splash in London

Influential contemporary artist David Hockney has taken up residence at the Tate Britain in London for the summer season. The showcasing includes some of his most renowned works including A Bigger Splash, American Collectors and Garrowby Hill.

Hockney has been regarded as one of the most important British Artists of the 20th Century with his work spanning across six decades. Most of his artwork is based on locations in LA and Yorkshire. His work includes paintings in acrylics and watercolours, drawings in charcoal and pencil, and prints in polaroid and videos. The museum has described it as “A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these unforgettable works together.”

The works include those of his young lovers, close friends and family, forestry landscapes and the crystal clear pools of the Hollywood hills. Each piece holds a completely different mood and emotion, some with painstakingly detailed strokes, others in minimalistic block colours. The museum lays out the artworks into around 9-10 different sections, and in each room you are taken on a journey through the different decades of his artistic career.

Many of the works feel incredibly utopian and almost revolutionary for the eras he created them in. The bold American pieces make you feel like you’re walking along the edge of a swimming pool in the heat, with the monochrome tree drawings of the Dales leading you down memory lane. The portraits capture the tension and calm between partners, and the nudes unravel a more real and candid side of human relationships.

The Bradford-born artist has just reached his 80th Birthday, and this seems to be a perfect way to pay tribute to the visionary individual. Being only an hour’s journey from Cambridge meant that the museum was not only simple to get to, but gives you a brief tour of London’s history. However, the extensive collection does not come cheaply. The Tate allows entry to the general public, however tickets are priced at £20 with a timed slot ,and has become one of the most popular exhibits the Tate has ever featured.

The exhibition can be visited at the Tate Britain, London, SW1P and will be on display until 29th May 2017. To read more about the gallery, see here:


By Elle Haywood

Editor of the Ruskin Journal 2017-2018

11th April 2017


hockney image

Image Credit: Elle Haywood

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