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Review: Morphine by New Atlas

Artist: New Atlas

Track: Morphine

Released: January 2017

Perfect for fans of the music of: Two Door Cinema Club

Perfect for fans of the lyrics of: Twenty One Pilots


If you haven’t heard of New Atlas yet, get on the bandwagon now so you can say you listened to him before he was famous. The musical production and performance outfit of Northern Irish lad Eoghan O’Hagan (Owen if you’re not up to a challenge), New Atlas is known to deliver bright, airy, heartfelt synth pop, laced with honesty and self introspection, and the latest track is true to form. Morphine is a raucous and rhythmic ride through emotions we all know too well; sitting on the edge of both falling in love and living life to its fullest and, having to decide quickly which way you’re going to fall. These themes are beautifully packaged in a brash and upbeat track that is sure to get feet on floors. Apprehensive verses and an excitable pre-chorus build to a euphoric chorus that fans will be singing long after the track is over. Overall a very well and appropriately produced track, music reflective of message and vice versa, resulting in a listening experience that is simultaneously a full fat feel-good vibe and also a brief moment of positive reflection.

By Ben Smyth

12th April 2017

Image Credit: New Atlas

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