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Calling all ARU Filmmakers! Submissions For the Annual Watersprite Film Festival Are Now Open

Are you a budding student filmmaker and believe that your work is award worthy? The Cambridge-based Watersprite Film Festival are calling for students across the globe to enter their work into the 8th international competition.  This has helped initiate so many careers for young filmmakers and start to assert themselves in the industry. It has also attracted speakers such as Eddie Redmayne, Olivia Colman, and Lenny Henry to chat with students at the festival.

The submission entry is open until 15th October 2017 – so you have plenty of time to add finishing touches and perfect your work.  In the past, there has been over 300 submissions from 40 countries, with those numbers looking to expand  next year. The festival’s philosophy is that:

“Talented, budding filmmakers should be rewarded for their hard work, no matter where in the world they are. For that reason, if an entrant’s film is nominated for an award, they will be flown over to Cambridge, UK – for free – to attend the Award’s Ceremony held at the Watersprite Film Festival in February 2018.” 

So if any of you at ARU feel that your work could be worthy – why not submit it and see where the competition may take you! The competition is open to all films under 20 minutes in length and created by students.  The awards range from original film scores, to animation, and even the prestigious Filmmaker of the Future Award – a film that tries to make a difference in the world. The winner is then invited to participate in a producers workshop at the Cannes Film Festival. Last year’s nominee of the FFA, Pietro Novello, says:

“The best thing about this entire experience for me was that it really gave me the motivation and the ambition to go forward with this really tough career and do all I can to see my dreams come true.

To all of you in the same position, I’d like to say, believe in yourself first of all, that’s the first thing, and take advantage of the great opportunities that are out there for us young filmmakers, Watersprite is definitely one of these.”

So if those words have given you a burst of inspiration, head over to the Watersprite website for more information, and get your entry submitted. Good luck to all those who enter!


By Elle Haywood

Editor of the Ruskin Journal 2017-2018

8th August 2017



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