Cambridge Live’s Fireworks and Bonfire Night

The 4th of November saw the return of the annual fireworks and bonfire night at Midsummer Common thanks to Cambridge Live, a not-for-profit charity that brings the best cultural and creative experiences to Cambridge. And I must say, they definitely didn’t disappoint!

The atmosphere all the way through the event was great. Walking towards the viewing area there were people selling light up wands and glow sticks, which the younger children were enthusiastically waving around, the vans selling hot food and sweets smelled amazing and the sound of excited screams came from the brightly lit fairground rides. Also walking around were the smiley volunteers asking for donations. Whilst entry to the event is free, they encouraged donations as Cambridge Live relies entirely on donations to keep events like the fireworks going! This year they partnered with the East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) and at least 10% of all the donations received will go to the hospice.

The firework display was described on the night as the ‘biggest free fireworks in the east’ and it certainly lived up to that name! The crowd seemed very impressed with the intricate display of different coloured and sized fireworks and I heard a few disappointed moans when it ended. My pictures don’t do the fireworks justice, you had to be there to have the full experience! The evening wasn’t over however, the fairground rides continued and the massive bonfire was lit.

I would say the night is definitely worth going to next year if you missed it this year. It’s a great spectacle and if you’re a student, it’s a fun and cheap evening out!


By Hollie Luck

8th November 2017

Image Credit: Hollie Luck


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