Final Week Motivation!

It is the time of year where we are all too focused on great reality TV, wanting to hibernate in our beds instead of attending 9am’s and eating our body weight in all the Christmas chocolates that are out in shops.

The first semester is almost over, deadlines are creeping up fast and the motivation is slowing running out as we reach the end of term. It can be hard to keep your head in the game when your mind is elsewhere. But it is important to stay motivated, to meet deadlines, finish readings – to tick off your ‘To Do List’ one by one. Here is a list of important things to do when heading towards the end of the semester when you are lacking in motivation but need to meet deadlines:

  • Keep a ‘To-Do’ List:

Having a list in your diary, stuck on your wall or even a memo on your laptop of all the things you need to do in the forthcoming weeks can help you keep a clear guide of what needs to be done and keep you on track. The satisfaction of being able to tick off what you have done is such a good feeling!

  • Switch Off:

There is nothing worse than being stuck in your room, sat in front of your laptop for hours on end thinking that the essay is going to write itself. Close your laptop and take your mind somewhere else – go for a walk, get some food for example. Switching your mind off enables you to recharge and think about other things so when you get back to writing, you’ll be able to fully concentrate and hopefully new ideas will spark up.

  • Work with Friends:

Working with friends on your course is a good way of managing work but also trying to enjoy it at the same time. Sharing ideas about topics and talking about your essay or presentation is a productive way of getting work done.  Motivate each other, and set internal deadlines or goals to help split up the workload.

  • Plan Events:

There is nothing more exciting than having things booked to look forward too. Even if it’s just a shopping trip into town with friends, these things will push you to get work done to then be able to enjoy all things you have got in store! This is a perfect motivator and allows you time off as a reward for working hard.

Get your head down, good luck and work productively!


By Eliza Rawson

12th December 2017

Image Credit: Adobe Stock License


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