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‘Molly’s Game’ (2017) – Film Review

By Bethany Mattocks - I went and saw Molly's Game as part of E4's Slackers Club and if you're a student and haven't signed up you really should! If you're a student, you can...

By Bethany Mattocks

I went and saw Molly’s Game as part of E4’s Slackers Club and if you’re a student and haven’t signed up you really should! If you’re a student, you can sign up to Channel 4’s film club, where you can see one film for free every month (usually an early release), and as an added bonus, the Cambridge Slacker’s Club is held at the Arts Picturehouse.

Molly Bloom is a nearly Olympic skier, until she has a spine problem and in qualifiers trips and falls. She then becomes a problem child, and starts working for a poker game runner and eventually starts running her own games. Two years later after she has stopped the games she gets arrested for running them so the story follows the fight from her to stay out of prison showing flashbacks of how the games developed as she got bigger in the poker world.

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There are so many big names in this film from Idris Elba and Michael Cera to Chris O’ Dowd. Yet they’re not used as some sort of ploy to get you to watch the movie, it just seems like a coincidence. This is usually a sign of a great film when the cast is all equal in talent and the storyline independently holds itself up.

You would think that watching a film about a top gambler being caught means you wouldn’t be hit hard by the story; yet you can really connect with Molly as the plot develops. You see how she got into the situation she is in now, how her life goes so quickly from helping at a little game to owning one of the biggest, and her drug dependence due to insomnia. She tries so hard to keep the game legal and help all her customers who eventually betray her. Still when she is able to avoid jail she says loyal to her players not to want to hurt their families, she refuses to give over confidential information to reduce her sentence and refuses a bigger book deal as it would involve exposing people despite the fact she has nothing left. One could even argue this makes her half decent. What also makes this film great is that it actually happened, and is always fascinating to see the retelling of a true story on the big screen. 

I personally thought this film was exceedingly good, and would thoroughly recommend it. 

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