2018-19 Committee

President & Editor-In-Chief: Sophie Taylor
Treasurer: Merel van Schooten
 Eliza Rawson
Business Development Manager: Merel van Schooten
Illustrator: Maisy Ruffels
Graphic Designers: Blessing Raimi & Jessamine Payne
Photographer: Bronte Taylor

The modern Ruskin Journal logo was designed by Blessing Raimi.

For a complete list of articles published by this committee, you can find them here: 2018-19

2018-19 Group Photo
2018-19 Group Photo (showing the previous year’s edition)

2017-18 Annual – Second Edition

Publication & Cover Art: Jessamine Payne (modified by Merel van Schooten)
Funding: Iain Martin – Vice-Chancellor, Anglia Ruskin University (2016 – 2018)

Members & Contributors

Izzy Woodcock
Sara Carreiras
Niamh Cubbitt
Niamh Edmonds
Angelica Botta
Tyla Brine
Lily Brown
Phoebe Costello
Hannah Cox
Tyreek Hudson
Eleanor Lane
Heather Macbeth-Hornett
Tawanda Masvikeni
Tom Mcnamara
Cathryn Osborn-Vergerson
Holly Rivett
Josh Robins
Sarika Jyoti
Cezary Skrodzki
Ana-Claudia Stanciu
Jessica Lucy Weal
Amy Williams
Piotr Wysmyk
Sarah Baaghil
Nigel Bennett
Hannah Miller
Sarah Strachan
Esme Pursglove
Clare Speedie
Alex Mead
Gabrielle Bennington
Rafael Araujo

This list does not include committee members. If your name has been left out, please contact the society to have it reinstated!

Students’ Union Representatives

Course-based Societies Coordinator: Meg De-Pasquale-Crighton