A Snapshot Piece on the Museum of Cambridge

The Museum of Cambridge is possibly one of the only museums in Cambridge that is not supported by the universities which makes it very strong for rivalling this power, however it is struggling from multiple factors.

Over the past month it has been going through a deep clean and move around with help from multiple volunteers to make it more of a community museum, more accessible and exciting! It will then be reopening on the 10th of February, so why not take an afternoon stroll over after class and immerse yourself into Cambridge history.

The museum which is located in Castle Street used to be a public house named the White Horse Inn, which closed in 1934. Since then it has become a museum to represent Cambridge from 1700 onwards. It has all sorts of exhibits about Cambridge lives including a children’s room, a Kitchen, a bar area and a room dedicated to the surrounding Fenlands. It has plenty for the family with touchy feely sections including a dolls house for children to play with and games to have a go at. There’s also temporary exhibits within the museum so always something fresh to see, there currently one about witchcraft which definitely displays an alternative edge to the conservatism of the town.

It’s really important to keep museums running in order for them to display history especially when it represents the area instead of being just a general History. Remember to support your local museums and engage in cultural history!


By Bethany Mattocks

Image Credit: Museum of Cambridge


You can read more about the museum here (plus statistics in the piece!):

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