Local Highlight: Bubble Tap

Recently in Cambridge a new phenomenon has occurred, the creative genius that is bubble waffles. So what are they? Bubble waffles are an Asian version of Belgian waffles that are cooked to show a bubble appearance. They are they shaped into a cone and then you can have various toppings inside. They have different combinations named after scientists who come from Cambridge including Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Benjamin Franklin. You can also make up your own combinations!


Firstly, you get an ice cream, then a couple of toppings and a sauce. I had a ‘Hawking’ which included strawberry ice cream, Oreos, chocolate sauce and strawberry’s and it was outstanding.  A friend of mine had a ‘Franklin’ which was vanilla ice cream, banana, caramel and pecans which looked incredible, think I would definitely have to try that one next time. The café in which Bubble Tap has a delicate interoir with mini tables decorated with plants and lamps and a range of books free for people to read whilst enjoying their waffles. This is perfect for a study break or an afternoon treat yourself, personally I went for a friend’s birthday which was a great way to celebrate!


Bubble Tap is located where ‘Cinnabon’ used to be which is just outside the Lion Yard and so only a short walk from university. It may hit a tiny bit expensive at £6.50 for a standard combination but worth it for a treat! It is a great way to celebrate the sweet treats from another culture just down the road. Plus, we all need a break from studying every now and again! During student life, it is important to have a break from your studies, socialise with friends and try food from new cultures – which also helps to support local businesses! Why not consider it a new location for a society social?!


waffle Just a little idea of what to expect!


By Bethany Mattocks

27th February 2018

Image Credit: Bethany Mattocks

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