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Reflections from the Cambridge Half Marathon

Half Marathon? Why not! 

Over a week ago, the 7th edition of the Cambridge half marathon started at 9:30am. Over 9000 people descended to Midsummer Common to run in the cold March weather, which is more than double the number of runners from when it started in 2012. Not being the most athletic I decided to join this group, getting to midsummer around nine am and the grass was already replaced with mud, luckily the organisation had provided tin foil blankets to keep us all warm. Which apparently are donated to the homeless shelters around Cambridge after the marathon. The organisation had done an amazing job organising all the stalls and tents around the common to accommodate the amount of bags and bikes brought along.


The route of the marathon led us from Midsummer common to Chesterton road past King’s College and Fitzwilliam museum all the way through Trumpington and the toughest bit around Grandchester which is where you run past the halfway point to go back into town and past the backs to make it back to the common where lots of family and friends have gathered to cheer you on.


Sketch of a runner by our new illustration artist: Maisy Ruffels 

When signing up for a half marathon non-runners declare you for crazy and experienced runners will tell you about how rewarding it is when you finish. This is the second time I’ve participated and I can tell you, while that might be the feeling for some – it was not in my case. When you finish there was nothing of the feeling of reward, I regretted starting in the first place. In fact; this is the second time I’ve ran and despite it – I’m pretty sure I will do it again. Why? To prove that I can do it, but also so I can get that medal and a great Instagram post!


So do join us next year at the 8th edition of the Saucony Half Marathon that is currently up for a favourite award for half marathon with 5000+ entries at the Running Awards at


Well done again to everyone who took part!


By Merel van Schooten 

18 March 2018

Illustrations by Maisy Ruffels.

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