K-Pop Society: Karaoke Night Takeover

Written by: Blessing Raimi

Running the K-Pop Society alongside the other committee members has been a great and rewarding experience so far. Initial planning for the karaoke night event began over the summer, which involved taking over one of the Chill Out Tuesday events that is a regular feature on The Academy calendar.  This then led to the event taking place at the end of October.

The society was founded in autumn of last year and since then, has grown in popularity with our involvement in wider university events such as Global Week. Our presence at Fresher’s Fair gave us more visibility to new and returning students who attended.  An Erasmus student studying Sociology said that she joined after: “Seeing the society at Fresher’s Fair and attending the taster sessions with my roommate”, proving that the opportunity of the society being at Fresher’s Fair raised more awareness about it and the trial period assured students of what they could look forward to if they became an official member.

At the start of the semester, taster sessions were offered for students in order for them to gain an idea of the sort of activities that would be taking place over the forthcoming year. Events such as:

  • Korean traditional games
  • Snacks
  • K-Pop dance workshops.

An MSc student studying Biomedical Sciences stated: “It’s a very friendly environment and I joined because I enjoy K-Pop and wanted friends with the same interests.” It was encouraging to see new and returning students interested in signing up and getting involved with the society and our taster sessions. These sessions were very successful with members.

When the event finally took place, there was a great turn out and everyone had a great time. There were a  mix of society members and those who were just interested in having a go at karaoke. There were different Korean snacks available to try and a variety of performances in different languages – Portuguese, Spanish, English and Korean to name a few. What made the night great was the encouragement from students during the performances. It didn’t matter how people sung  or if the song was well known or not, the focus was on having a good time in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the attendees gave a review of the night:

“I think the karaoke night was a success. It was a perfect opportunity to belt out our favourite songs among the people who really appreciate the true value of the music. Not to mention the fan chants for Fake Love. It was truly a moment of pure happiness, bliss and fun.”

Find out more about the K-Pop Society, their events and what activities they get up to at


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