2019-20 Committee

President & Editor-In-Chief: Joshua Dowding
Administrator & Sub-Editor: Ciéra Cree
Gabrielle Bennington

For general inquiries, please contact: ruskinjournal@gmail.com
For a complete list of articles published, please can find them here: 2019-20

Members & Contributors

Grace Martin
Lily Brown
Abhishek Majumdar
Niamh Edmonds
Maria-Cristina Ionita
Sabine Buhain
Cheok ‘Pat’ Lok
Chellsey Tencati
Omkar Singh
Charlotte Young
Miranda Ventrella

This list does not include committee members. If your name has been left out, please contact the society to have it reinstated!

Guest Contributors

Elle Haywood – 2017-18 Committee Member (President)
Soyeenka Mishra
Fatima Lakhani
Adam Clarke
Jessica Lucy Weal

Society Exhibitors (Society Showcases)

Ekaterina Zenina – Law Society (Cambridge)
George Liu – Cardiology & Cardiothoracics Society (Chelmsford)
Ankesh Gandhi – Cardiology & Cardiothoracics Society (Chelmsford)

SU Election 2020

Caroline Hill – Students’ Union Presidential Candidate
Mira Ceti Andreassen – AHSS Vice Presidential Candidate
Katherine Hasegawa – Business & Law Vice Presidential Candidate
Rhiannon-Breeze Harris – HEMS Vice Presidential Candidate
Izzy Woodcock – Women’s Campaign Representative Candidate
Shubham Singh – Disability Representative Candidate
Avinash Miriyam – Students’ Union Presidential Candidate
Omkar Singh – Business & Law Vice Presidential Candidate
Joshua Wade – AHSS Vice Presidential Candidate

Students’ Union Representatives

Student Activities Manager: Abi Dickinson
Societies & Activities Coordinator (Cambridgeshire): Abi Dolan
Course-based Societies Coordinator:
Meg De-Pasquale-Crighton