A Holiday for One

Written by Tyla Brine

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Whilst I was sat in the library on a Sunday evening, wallowing in post-Christmas blues, knee deep in deadlines, I booked myself a trip to Nice, and a week later I was off.

The adrenaline from my spontaneity had me buzzing, and it still is. Before this trip I had only ever flown once, so I thought it was pretty ballsy of me to do this alone. 4 days away in Nice wasn’t exactly a backpacking trip around the world for a year in order to ‘find myself’, but a year ago I had never flown, and having the confidence and zero anxiety to do this, didn’t exist. So, this was a pretty big achievement for me.

Booking only a week before my trip left me short of people to go with as it was so last minute, but that’s exactly why I went alone. I’m forever missing out on spontaneous opportunities and trips because one person is working, or this person has no money, or they don’t want to do the same things as me. Also, I’m very much someone who enjoys their own company and I don’t get to spend much time alone, so I decided to dedicate these 4 days away to myself.


I arrived midday and although I technically couldn’t book into my AirBnB till 4, the owner allowed me to check in early, and sent a taxi to collect me from the airport. Already I felt a safe welcoming. I was so happy with the apartment I chose, as I was travelling alone I wasn’t exactly going out for dinners and cocktails every night, so I wanted a place nice enough to stay in and cook if I wanted, without the pressure of feeling like I had to be out every minute of the day.

I began my adventures by walking around and getting my bearings, I was staying in the city centre so everything was only a 15 minute walk away. I got myself lost through the Old Town of Nice, the streets were thin and narrow with hidden cafe’s and shops, with shutter windows and laundry hung above me. The weather was a nice break from the bitter cold back home, and the architecture was amazing. I already felt so happy and fulfilled before I even properly saw anything.


Do you ever wake up in the morning and forget where you are? Whether you stayed at a friends house or just in a different bed, because that happened to me! At first I felt a bit disorientated but I had the best lie in and waking up in France instantly put me in the best mood. I had quite a lazy morning before heading to Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain, an Art museum that was just around the corner. It was time to put my amazing GCSE French skills to the test.

The Art museum had so many unique and quirky pieces, with an open terrace of a view of the city.

Afterwards I visited another museum hidden in the old town, Palais Lascaris. Which exhibited ancient musical instruments and luxuriously decorated rooms, previously lived in by the The Lascaris-Ventimiglia family.


Wednesday was my last full day in Nice, so I wanted to revisit a lot of the sights one last time as well as another Museum. I walked up to the Castle Hill, a historic hilltop park that provided an amazing view of the whole city. I arrived just in time for the sunset and it was a moment where I felt reassured that I had done something amazing for myself.


My four days away was more needed than I thought, and has probably been the best TLC I’ve ever given myself. As I said before, it wasn’t necessarily a year long backpacking trip alone, but for me it was a big achievement, and despite being alone I had the best time sightseeing and just having some down time. If you’re ever gutted your friend can’t come away with you to that trip you both keeping talking about, then honestly just go on your own. I feel like there’s such a stigma to doing things alone, but learning to love your own company will be the healthiest thing you do for yourself. So stop thinking of excuses, and take that trip. You will not regret it.


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