Podcasts for Beginners

Written by Hannah Miller


If, like me, you seem to have missed the hype about podcasts when they became big about three years ago, you’ll be just as surprised as I was when I realised I actually really liked listening to them. While still a relative newbie to the world of podcasts, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite podcasts.

Ross Noble: Poddin’ on the Ritz


This was the first podcast I ever listened to, and let me tell you, if musicals are your thing, you will love it. Even if they aren’t I would still 100% recommend. Starring Ross Noble and Hadley Fraser, when they starred together in ‘Young Frankenstein’ at the Garrick Theatre, this podcast is by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever stumbled upon. With stories of bad audience members, mistakes on stage and interviews with the cast and staff of the theatre, the two of them work well together as a duo. Each podcast ends with the segment ‘Musical of the Week’, where they find a somewhat lesser known musical and talk about it, often ripping it to shreds, causing, on several occasions, me to literally laugh out loud when listening to it whilst walking to uni.

No Such Thing as Fish


Probably one of the most well known podcasts out there, it would be amiss to leave this off the list. Starring the ‘QI Elves’, this podcast brings to light some of the weirdest and most interesting yet random facts out there. Both hilarious and interesting, it makes me wonder why I took so long to find it, especially as I’m a big fan of the show QI. While it is missing out on some of the quips that the TV show allows, with the comedians on the show, the podcast still manages to entertain and educate, whilst being one of the best podcasts out there.

Boys Don’t Cry


Unlike the other two, this podcast tackles more serious issues. Created by comedian Russel Kane, he aims to tackle many of the problems men face in society today. With different guests on each episode, he tackles issues such as body image and friendship.  With three guests each week, including Joel Dommett and Jamie Laing. Combining both serious and comedy, he broaches subjects that challenge toxic masculinity and show the problems men face today.

Wonder Women


If you know me at all, this podcast being on the list won’t be a surprise at all. Created by west end actresses Carrie Hope Fletcher and Celinde Schoenmaker, they talk all things female. With only two episodes released thus far, they’ve talked about forgotten women in history and female hysteria, with the promise to cover female relationships next episode. The episodes are released every other week and promises to be a good series. It feels like you’re just sitting there with two of your friends having a chat over a gin and tonic, talking about all things women. A brilliant podcast by two of my favourite women.


These are only a few of the podcasts I listen to, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please leave a comment and let me know!

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