Kodaline at the UEA

By Ciéra Cree

On Sunday 10th of November, I made my first trip to UEA LCR to see Kodaline on their tour. I’ve always been a person with a huge passion for music but I had never been to a smaller venue like that place before so I was curious to find out how it would feel.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see just how small the venue was – a good kind of surprised. The doors opened at 7 PM, I got in line relatively early and so when I actually entered the place there were very few people inside.

As time went by the crowds began to flood in and I realized getting in line early was a great decision. Especially as a shorter person, being nearer the stage would later work out in my favour as the view was incredible.


It was around 8 PM when the main lights went down and the one’s on stage lit up. When I bought the event ticket it didn’t mention who the opening act was going to be but a man called Patrick Martin walked out, warmly greeting us all.

I had never heard of him before but after that night, one thing is for certain – I won’t be forgetting him any time soon. His vocals, accompanied by live piano and guitar, were amazing and the way he kept the audience engaged really highlighted his abilities as a performer. He told us the meanings behind his songs so we could relate and become sutured into his lyrical worlds, and he came down into the crowd after his set finished to enjoy the rest of the show with us.

‘Do you believe in cinema love?’ is a line that will be stuck in all of our heads for quite some time, as well as many others from his upcoming EP ‘Wonder Years’.


9 PM was when the stage turned red and a piano tune I knew like the back of my hand kicked in. I had been listening to Kodaline for years so to be there a few rows from the front with my favourite song as the night’s first was rather surreal.

The crowd broke out into claps and cheers as the gentlemen entered before us, singing along to every word. Kodaline’s music definitely has a high sing-a-long factor to it which made being in a more intimate venue feel all the more special.

The stage set up combined with the mixture of beautiful ballads and old favourites was undeniably captivating and intelligent. As a viewer, you could clearly see how much thought and attention to detail had been displayed throughout the entire night.


‘Follow Your Fire’, the band’s first song, was such a clever starting point. As a group who sings ballads, for the most part, this song stands out as more upbeat and served as a great way to kick things off.

The stage lights were bold and fun yet faded into more delicate hues seamlessly. They didn’t overpower the songs nor performance space, or the performers themselves. They came to put on a show and they definitely more than succeeded.

Songs from their latest album ‘Politics Of Living’ were mixed in with those old and loved such as ‘All I Want’, offering a little something for everyone.


At the end of the performance, the group departed before shortly returning for an encore, which again was deliberately planned out. This group is most known for two songs – ‘All I Want’ and ‘High Hopes’ – which were what most people would have come for, and they hadn’t played either before this point. It couldn’t do anything except make people want more, and of course, it was delivered.

We ended the night with ‘High Hopes’ to which the crowd knew every word. It’s lyrically beautiful and the group’s quality live vocals more than did it justice. How their voices could be so crystal clear and their harmonies be so on point was simultaneously baffling and astounding.

This is a night I won’t forget and a memory I’m grateful to be able to hold.


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