About Us

Welcome to the Ruskin Journal – the home of Anglia Ruskin’s Student Newspaper and Networking. We produce a monthly edition of an online paper which features news, politics, art, sport, environment, music, fashion and all Anglia Ruskin / student -related topics. We are a community of student journalists, photographers and designers focusing on media-related content and striving to be at an industry level. All work published is written and edited by undergraduate and postgraduate students of Anglia Ruskin University.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student attending the Cambridge campus of Anglia Ruskin University, you can join the team here: https://www.angliastudent.com/socs/19359/

The site is run by our society committee, democratically elected each year by members.

The Committee Team of 2018/2019:


(Left to right): Blessing – Sophie – Eliza – Merel

President and Editor in Chief: Sophie Taylor (sophie.taylor1@student.anglia.ac.uk)

Administrator: Eliza Rawson (eliza.rawson@student.anglia.ac.uk)

Treasurer / Business and Development Officer: Merel Van Schooten (merel.van@student.anglia.ac.uk)

Illustrator: Maisy Ruffels (maisy.ruffels@student.anglia.ac.uk)

Graphic Designer: Blessing Raimi (blessing.raimi@student.anglia.ac.uk)

Photographer: Bronte Taylor (bronte.taylor2@student.anglia.ac.uk)


We work with the cooperation of various Anglia Ruskin University Departments and in partnership with Anglia Ruskin’s Students Union. If there are comments, complaints and concerns regarding any content posted: please get in contact with the relevant member of the committee above and we will respond accordingly. We with within the NUS guidelines of student media, in accordance with the journalist code of ethics and have received a degree of formal training. Comments made by third parties on our site do not reflect the view of Anglia Ruskin University, the Ruskin Journal Newspaper or the Anglia Ruskin Student’s Union.