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My Cambridge Shots

By Tawanda Masvikeni – To say I have always been in awe of Cambridge would be an understatement. The city is gorgeous. I particularly admire the way it merges the old and new; an inspiring conglomeration of the antique and the modern…

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The Orchard Project

By Izzy Woodcock – The community of Cambridge has come together as part of an exciting new collaboration to create the first orchard at North Cambridge Academy. The initiative was set up by ARU’s Sustainability society with the aim of enhancing the connections between Anglia Ruskin students and the local community…


The Pressures of Post-Grad Plans

By Tyla Brine – “What are you going to do after uni?” Is a question asked by my colleagues, friends, family – and even my doctor, who suggests I should do a Masters and travel to Thailand. And it’s a question I don’t think I will ever have a definite…